Folfirinox Plus: Nov 2 2017 - April 6 2018

11/2/2017 - 4/6/2018: FFX w keto diet, targeted fasting and a support regime of supplements

Wisconsin Oak. Stage IV pancreatic adenocarcinoma with liver metastases, diagnosed Oct 2017. Core therapy: FOLFIRINOX. Core Support: 2.5 day fast around each chemotherapy, strong ketogenic diet during first 2.5 months, pulse machine (more on this below), doxycycline (near the end). Secondary support kicked off with a wellness plan designed by Dr William LaValley, and included numerous natural health products and off-labels including metformin, celocoxib, LDN, curcumin, and beta glucan

WI Oak was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic adenocarcinoma on Oct 3, 2017, with a primary tumor 5.1 x 3.5 cm in the tail of the pancreas and several liver lesions. His CA 19-9 marker was 47,000 at diagnosis.

Working with a Wisconsin oncologist at the hospital in his town, WI Oak went on the aggressive first-line standard chemotherapy, FOLFIRINOX (administered at X dose every 3 weeks) for 12 treatments, from Nov 2017 through April 6, 2018. At this point his oncologist removed oxaliplatin out of concern for potential future nerve damage. Of note there was minimal nerve damage at that point - some minor loss of sensation in the bottom of his feet. On April 17th, 2018, his CA 19-9 was 3,440, the liver metastases appeared stable and the primary tumor had shrunk significantly (3.3 x 3.4 cm).